A Coven Of Dragon Magyck and Witchcraft

Based in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, formed at Lughnassadh, 2001. We practice Dragon Tradition Witchcraft and hold teaching circles and study groups for those who wish to learn our ways and pagan related subjects. 

ADALINDA: Old High German name composed of the elements adal "noble" and lind serpent, snake," hence "noble serpent."

Very few people in the world today follow the true Draconic or Draconian Tradition.

It is not that it has nearly become extinct, but that generally when it is taught, it is orally from teacher to pupil. 

What is Dragon Magick?

The simplest definition of Dragon Magick or Draconic Magick is the calling upon of Dragons to aid you in your magickal workings. There are some schools of thought that say that Dragon Magick must be kept strictly as High or Ceremonial Magick, but that is not the case.

There is often a general misconception when beginning in dragon magick that it is a Wiccan tradition. It is not. Dragon magick does not require that you follow the Rede, nor does it say that you cannot work harm. The only ethics in it are the ones of your clan and Draconic Codes of Honour In fact there are many clans who only use the Draconic Codes, ours is one of those.

Elder Draco Magister: Shanaurme Yoan 


Covenstead - Elizabeth, South Australia

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