We hold a fortnightly study group for those wishing to learn Witchcraft and pagan related subjects.

Usually held at 1 pm on Saturdays (but can be flexible) We ask only for a gold coin donation to cover printing & materials.

Participation may lead to clan - grove membership if suited.

We are currently accepting applications to join our circle.  Go to our contact page to enquire.

Dragon Witchcraft Workshop
 7 pm. Saturday 14th July 2012.


We will be hosting a workshop for those wishing to learn more about Dragon Witchcraft and magick. Please contact us to book your place as workshops fill fast.
  Topics covered will be

  • What is Dragon Witchcraft?

  • Differences and similarities to (Draconic) Wicca

  • Our festivals (sabbats)

  • Deities or. Dragons?

  • Working with Dragons (magick)

  • Clan ranks

  • Code of ethics (draconic code)

  • Sample ritual

    • Grounding feast and question time (bring a plate) Those who are interested in studying with and joining our clan may apply for consideration at this time.

    A small cost of $10 covers printing and materials. Attendee's will receive a booklet with relevant information on Draconic Witchcraft.

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